A Better Environment Through Sustainability

Giti uses advanced tactics to improve usage efficiency and reduce waste.

Sustainable Production

To do its part for the environment, Giti Tire invests significantly to reduce emissions and waste, while recycling materials whenever possible

Employee Health
& Safety

Employee health and safety adherence is of the upmost importance to Giti, ensuring continued processes and communication throughout its global facilities.

The EHS Department sends monthly EHS knowledge periodicals and training to all employees by email in order to better train staff and visitors.

Giti works together with its partners to maintain high safety compliance, and holds international certifications such as ISO45001.


Conserving 100 Years
of Carbon Emissions from Giti Tire Plants

Environmental Initiatives

      • Fresh water
      • Marine
      • Reforestation
      • Zoonotic disease

Giti’s Shark Tagging Project with Conservation International Includes
Tracking the World’s Largest Fish

Sharing In Sustainable Development

P4G (Partnering For Green Growth and Global Goals)

Giti has been a partner of the organization since 2020. Joining together with leaders from 12 major countries and organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Giti is one of the business partners for P4G’s sustainable business efforts.    More >>

Piloting E-Liability at the G20 Summit

Greening up tire manufacturing processes with E-Liability

As one of the premier companies that are proactively implementing better carbon accounting practices, Giti was proudly featured at the 2022 G20 Summit as the pilot for a new Environmental-Liability (E-Liability) carbon accounting algorithm.

E-Liability allows organizations to produce real-time, accurate, and auditable data on their total direct and supplier emissions.     More >>

Growing Future Global Leaders Through Education

Our goal is to encourage the development and use of scientific discipline to help prepare children to be successful in our ever increasing technological society.