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Giti Expands Green Growth Focus Through P4G Partnership

By November 18, 2020Giti News, Giti USA Plant

Giti Group is pleased to further expand its commitment to sustained and environmental-friendly growth, through its partnership with leading organization P4G (Partnering For Green Growth and Global Goals).

P4G is a network of global leaders and innovators seeking breakthrough solutions for green economic growth, bringing together nations, groups, and businesses with a shared passion. In particular the organization focuses on providing results that address key global issues in five areas: Food and Agriculture, Water, Energy, Cities and Circular Economy.

Joining together with leaders from 12 major countries and organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Giti is one of the business partners for P4G’s sustainable business efforts. Giti Group’s Ms. Cherie Nursalim has also been selected to serve as a member of P4G’s Board of Directors.

As part of these efforts, Giti commits to its continued focus on socially responsible manufacturing, positive environmental engagement, and being a beneficial global education partner. In recent years, Giti has demonstrated these commitments in a definable way, through its community and environmental financial support, involvement with organizations such as Conservation International, and reduction of water and coal partnerships. In addition, the Giti Group has worked closely with education partners around the world – from local elementary schools to world leading universities.

With regards to the success of P4G, the commitments of its partners are of the upmost importance. “We are grateful that so many dynamic collaborators and investors have already joined the P4G ecosystem. This is only the beginning of our collective ability to deliver as we continue to increase the speed and scale of our global impact,” commented Ian de Cruz, Global Director for P4G.

More information about P4G’s efforts in benefiting the global community and a sustainable future can be found on its website https://p4gpartnerships.org.