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Giti Rose Parade Sponsorship, Math & Science Awards, and more…

The first half of 2018 was highlighted by several exciting events, including Giti’s sponsorship of the Rose Parade, the 2nd Giti Math and Science Awards, and more.

The year started off with a bang with Giti’s sponsorship of the Rose Parade, America’s world-famous New Year Celebration. Giti was the Official Sponsor of Decorating Places, where floats are prepped and decorated before display to thousands of viewers on the streets of Pasadena and millions of more viewers on television.

At the 2nd Giti Math and Science Awards last April. An impressive number of bright young students and supportive teachers, administration and parents of the Chester County School District participated in this competition that supports the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative.

Giti Tire USA was represented well in Washington DC with market research analyst Ashley Stewart’s visit to Capitol Hill in June. She was Giti’s Ambassador at the USTMA 2nd Annual Tire Ambassador Conference. The conference provided an opportunity for tire industry representatives to express their concerns about the current tariff situation.

In Ashley’s words, “It was also an honor to represent not only Giti, but my local community on Capitol Hill.”